Transmission Fluid Leaks

Transmission Fluid Leaks

If you find a puddle of reddish fluid pooling beneath your car where you parked, it’s quite likely one of the gaskets or seals in your transmission has sprung a leak. Rubber seals, gaskets, and o-rings wear out over time and need replacing.


A transmission has the possibility of leaking in several areas:

  • Axles seals
  • Front seal of the transmission
  • Vent (if transmission overheats)
  • Pan gaskets
  • Shifter seals or any other misc. seals

Is it Safe to Drive When a Car is Leaking Transmission Fluid?

While it is not especially dangerous to continue driving with a leaking transmission in the short-term, it is advisable to have this issue repaired immediately to take care of your car for the long-term. As soon as you notice your car is leaking, you should seek to contact a certified mechanic to have your transmission fluid serviced. The faster you get the leak fixed, the fewer problems you will have with your vehicle in the future.