How to Find a Good Mechanic

Finding a quality mechanic or Transmission Repair Specialists can be difficult, but here are some tips.

Ask Around

Look for someone who has a good recommendation in the community. This can be especially helpful if the person giving you the advice has the same kind of car you have.

Find a Specialty Shop

Shops that focus in on a particular niche of the auto industry are more likely to have cutting edge equipment.

Inquire with the Better Business Bureau

Auto shops are a key metric tracked by the Better Business Bureau, so go to and look for complaints on any specific repair shops you are considering using.

Give Them a Chance

You might let them start with something small like an oil change, or light maintenance work. Just see how well they treat your car, and how well they communicate with you.

What about Warranties

Ask a shop if they stand behind their work. If you need to comparison shop for the best warranties, you may have to ask about a common repair like brake work. Then go online and compare local shops’ warranties for that kind of repair.

Check the Internet for Reviews

Angie’s List, RepairPalm, and Yelp all offer reviews on local repair shops. You can also check with your friends on Facebook, and in Facebook groups.

Certifications Are Good

A really good quality automotive repair shop should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).