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How Auburn, WA Towing Push The Boundaries in Towing

Local OR Long-Distance Towing in

Auburn, WA

Local towing is considered to be 30 miles or less. The circumstances that usually surround a local tow involve the driver and/or passengers becoming stranded unexpectedly. A company that operates 24/7 is essential to get you back to safety and security.

Long-distance towing is considered to be more than 30 miles. Long-distance tows are usually much less of a rush as a local tow and can be planned ahead. You may need the services of a long-distance tow company if you are relocating and need to have your car towed to the new location or you have a special vehicle such as a vintage car.

Flatbed, Rollback, or Auburn, WA Lift Wheel Towing

Lift wheel towing is what most people think of when they think of a tow truck. This type of truck utilizes a hydraulic boom with crossbars at the end of it. The hydraulic boom is lowered, and the crossbars are slipped under the front or rear wheel tires of the vehicle to be towed. This type of towing vehicle can fit into tighter spaces or lower parking structures.

Flatbed and rollback tow trucks utilize a bed that can be lowered to ground level. The difference between the 2 is in how their services are applied. A flatbed is used for cars with less severe problems whereas a rollback is better for vehicles that have been severely damaged, for instance, a car that is rendered undrivable at an accident scene. A rollback can also fit into tighter spaces than a flatbed so that should be taken into consideration as well.

Winch and Recovery Services

If your vehicles should get stuck in a ditch, mud, or on a steep incline, you may need a company that offers winch and recovery services. Maybe it’s a transmission failure or a puncture? Usually, local wrecker services will try conventional towing methods before resorting to winching services. However, regardless of effort, conventional methods may prove to be too dangerous or not enough. Winching services usually include a truck with a motorized axle (electric or hydraulic) and a heavy-duty tow cable. The heavy-duty cable is secured to the vehicle’s undercarriage before the motorized axle is engaged. The motorized axle can then pull the vehicle to a stable environment causing little to no damage to the vehicle. Sometimes, this is a preferred method due to safety.

Auburn Towing Roadside Services

A good towing company has trained tow truck drivers for any driver and can provide roadside assistance. Roadside assistance can offer, tire changes, and/or repair. It can also provide lockout services should your keys become locked in the car or there is an animal or child locked in a hot vehicle. Fuel delivery is a service that provides you with enough fuel to get you to the closest gas station in case you run out of gas and find yourself on the side of the road. Jumpstart and battery services are another roadside service and it involves sending a driver to jumpstart your car and if that doesn’t work, they will help you get a battery and install it to get you back on the road. Roadside services are meant to be a means to a quick fix problem.

Heavy, Medium, and Light Duty Towing

Trucks are classified by their gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). There are 8 group classes that categorize them. Light-duty vehicles are classes 1 thru 3 where the weight limit does not exceed 16,000 pounds. These are vehicles that fall into the same style as trucks as Honda Civic, Ford F series, Nissan Frontier, etc. Classes 4 thru 6 are considered medium-duty trucks and the weight range for these trucks is between 16,001 to 26,000 pounds. These types of trucks would be box trucks, vans, RVs, and motorhomes. Heavy-duty trucks would round out the last 2 classes which are 7 and 8. These trucks weigh between 26,001 to 33,000+ pounds. Examples of heavy-duty trucks include garbage trucks, dump trucks, semis, and tractor trucks. The trucks needed to assist drivers of heavy-duty trucks should have features such as a 25-ton boom lift, winch, and 6-ton wheel lifts. These trucks can usually support an entire load of another vehicle.

Auburn Towing Impound Services

Many people do not realize it but, many Auburn Towing offer an impound service. This could be a police-authorized impound or from private property/parking lot contract. If your car has been impounded, it has been taken to a lot for safekeeping. If this impound is the result of police authorized impound, then you must wait until it is released before you can get it back. If it was a private property impound, then you can usually get your vehicle after showing the proof of ownership and pay the fees. The fees that are assessed due to impounding are usually regulated by the city and can add up to a rather hefty price not only from the fees associated with just the tow but, also the fees associated with storing your vehicle.

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