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Parkland Transmissions and Auto Repair has been serving the Greater Tacoma area for Thirty Seven Years. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, honest auto repair and transmission repair services at affordable prices.

We are highly experienced in Auto Repair and Transmission Re-building.

Unlike most shops, Parkland Transmissions can provide transmission repairs as well as replacement, because we do complete in-house transmission tear-downs and repairs. So, if you only need transmission or clutch repairs, we are the place to call.


Transmission Repair

Parkland Transmission and Auto Repair has been a Transmission Repair Shop in Tacoma for Thirty Five Years. We have been providing friendly, honest, transmission
re-builds and repairs since 1976.

Unlike most shops, We can provide transmission re-builds as well as replacement. We do complete in-house transmission tear-downs, repairs, and re-builds. If you need manual transmission repairs, clutch repairs, or automatic transmission repairs, we are the place to call. Parkland Transmissions & Automotive.

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Automatic Transmission Repair

Automatic TRANSMISSION FAILURE can be caused by not replacing your Automatic Transmission Fluid and transmission filter. Automatic transmission filters need to be changed to keep your transmission running cool and at the proper operating temperature. If your ATF Fluid over heats, it will oxidize and  degrade, so it’s a good idea to give us a call to set an appointment for a ATF Fluid change and new transmission filter.

Our transmission technicians will provide you with the proper services and recommendations for you’re make and model of transmission . It is a lot more affordable to service a transmission than to  replace one. Not performing these simple maintenance procedures can cause fatal damage to your automatic transmission. Call Today!

Clutch Repair

Clutch Slipping? Manual Transmissions have several moving parts that wear with time and mileage. Your clutch plate (see image) is usually one of the first parts to wear out, because of friction created.  We are experts at manual transmission repair and clutch replacement. We replace clutches on all types of vehicles: Hot Rods, Trucks, Pick-ups, RVs, and automobiles.

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road with a worn out clutch. Come down and let us give you a quote on a new clutch before its to late!
Call for a Clutch Check-up Today …..
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