Modern Transmission

Modern Transmission

Transmission diagramIn modern cars, the transmission is arguably the most advance component in the whole car. Some car manufacturers are making multi-speed transmissions with as much as 8 different gears. These technologies offer a lot of torque and a lot of fuel efficiency that has never been available in previous generations.

The pages of this web site will guide you through the history of the modern transmission, the basics of caring for your transmission, how to navigate the repair process, how much you should expect to pay for repairs, and even how to find a good mechanic.

It’s complicated! Life, relationship, your job, your house, your car, its transmission.

“Power from the engine drive the pistons. These pistons in turn drive the crankshaft which drives the flywheel” Flywheel, clutching mechanism, gearbox input shaft, main shaft, layshaft, dog clutch, the differential etc.


At we’re about keeping things simple.

So here goes …

               The engine sends power to the transmission which then powers the drive wheels.

               The transmission is the ‘bit in the middle’ controlling the speed and torque.

All this is very finely synchronized.

Think of it like cogs all interconnected driving one another. The cogs being the gears and the engine is what turns the cogs.

Or if clutching mechanism, gearbox input shaft, main shaft, etc, makes your head hurt just to think of it as the ‘bit in the middle’ between the engine and the wheels.

Proper Transmission Maintenance

  • Transmission fluid should be replaced every 30,000 miles.
  • When changing the ATF, you should always make sure to take off the drain pan and clean off any sludge and swarf.
  • The filter should always be replaced.
  • Use the dipstick tube to pour the ATF into the transmission. You will need to use a funnel.
  • Check the dipstick with the transmission in neutral.

Transmission Flush

Most lube businesses have a machine that is designed to flush all the ATF, including the torque converter. They attach a hose to the cooling line and turn the car on. Then the transmission pumps the ATF fluid-like normal, but the old ATF fluid pumps into a tank and another tank supplies the transmission with new ATF fluid. Whether your car has a burning smell or transmission fluid leaks it should be checked by a transmission specialist. Of course, your car may just have come to a standstill and may need to be towed by a towing company to the nearest auto transmission repair shop. The worst-case scenario could be that the repair is far too expensive that you end up selling your car to a junkyard. Hence, why it’s always important to maintain your auto transmission, regardless if its modern or not.

Types of Transmissions

Car transmissions work differently for Manual Automatic cars.


On a manual car, the transmission connects to the engine through the clutch. Pressing the clutch disconnects, and releasing the clutch connects, the engine and transmission.


Automatics don’t have a clutch or sticky. They’re just very clever. Let’s just leave it at that.
Trust us you don’t want to hear all about torque converters, “planetary” arrangement, “sun” gear, “planet carrier” or “carrier” that holds multiple planet gears, “ring” gear, etc.



What could possibly go wrong?

A lot!
Some of the signs there is something wrong with your transmission are as follows:



In an automatic, you put your car into ‘Drive’ but there’s a delay as the gear engages. In a manual, you put the car into gear and hear engine revving but the car doesn’t move. Gear changes should be instant so any delay needs to be checked out.

Transmission fluid

It’s bright red so if you find it on your drive you need to find the leak and get it fixed. Low levels of transmission fluid can lead to much bigger problems so get it checked out.


Humming, buzzing, clunking sounds are just a few telltale signs. For example, a horrible grinding noise when shifting gear is possibly the clutch not engage with other parts of the transmission properly.


Gear changes don’t appear smooth.

Burning smell 

This could be transmission fluid overheating. Get it checked out.

Aside from all the above, you may just get a ‘service light’ appear on your dashboard. Don’t ignore it. Get it checked out.

It’s all a bit too much, isn’t it? That’s why here at we know……

“Car transmission systems are complex. Let us make repairing then simple.”

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