ONB Automotive Repair is a local, family owned business in operation since 1999.

It is our mission, at ONB Automotive Repair, to advise vehicle owners on maintenance needs and perform repairs as necessary. By so doing it is our hope to earn your business and become your vehicle’s service center for years to come.

Over the years we have seen & proven “preventative maintenance” is far less expensive than vehicle “repairs” and can often preclude more expensive repair costs. From what we have experienced, many expensive repairs could have been avoided with timely preventative maintenance.


Affordable Family Oriented Repair Facility Specializing 
in Complete Automotive Service

At ONB Automotive, we provide more than traditional auto service – we educate and explain the auto repair process in every day English. You want to bring your vehicle to a shop you can trust, and many of our customers like us to point out on their vehicle what we are advising to repair. We encourage this! We’ll also advise if the repair is of an immediate concern, or if it can be postponed for a while. We understand financial challenges, and we’re happy to give you accurate information that will help you prioritize your expenditures.

When you pick up your car or truck from ONB, you’ll be shown any defective parts that needed to be replaced, and we even take digital photos of the vehicle repair to show you what we found! We settle for nothing less than excellence in auto repair and service, and you shouldn’t settle for less, either. Give us your tired, poor, downcast car or truck, and we’ll give you back a robust, happy vehicle ready to take you wherever you want to go!

The Dealership Alternative

Some dealerships would have you believe you must take your car or truck back to them for maintenance after the sale in order to keep your warranty in effect. This is not true! You simply have to have the car maintenance performed per the manufacturer’s schedule, and ONB’s technicians offer preventive maintenance to keep your vehicle in top running condition. A well maintained vehicle lasts longer, runs more economically and is more trouble free.

Compare our quality, professionalism, and price with the service departments at dealers like Epic Ford, Bickford Ford, Harris Ford, Clyde Revord Chevrolet, Marysville Ford, Dwayne Lane, and Everett Chevrolet.

Service Loaner

We know your car is vital to your every day life, that is why you are taking care of it by servicing it with ONB. If your car needs extensive service and we need to keep it overnight, we have free loaner vehicles available for your convenience. Loaner vehicles require current full coverage insurance and a valid drivers license. We reserve the right to refuse loaner vehicles. Availability is limited, call us at (425) 317-9618 to find out more.

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